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Zonbak solar thermal panels convert solar energy to heat (hot air) versus electricity. Our patented design changes the economics of solar power by dramatically lowering the cost of converting the sun's energy into usefull power. Zonbak solar thermal panels are:
☑ 4X more solar efficient
☑ 1/4 cost to manufacture
☑ 1/2 the weight
☑ 16X more cost-effective
☑ easier to install
☑ provide low cost energy storage
☑ can heat an average size home on sunny day (multiple panels)

energy storage
Solar electric and solar thermal are vastly diferent in their abilities to store captured energy. Solar electric requires expensive batteries. In solar thermal homes every object in your house can store heat and then release it back when the sun isn't shining
Energy Storage for
Solar Photovoltaic Panels

Energy storage for
Solar Thermal Panels



free installation
We are looking for 5 sites to install our Zonbak thermal panels. It can be in new construction, an existing home, or in your backyard as one of our solar thermal farms. All we need is your location (town and state), and a brief description of why you want to participate. If you attach a photo of proposed site it would help or decision process.
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Atmospheric CO2

Monthy CO2 levels show a steady increase in atmospheric levels of carbon dioxide. In 1957 the level was below 320 ppm




low cost
Solor photovolatics is based on the premise that goverments will subsidize installations, and the electric utilities will continue to buy back excess electricity at premium rates. Both those beliefs are being tested across the country. We believe that the future of solar energy is unsubsidized technology that is affordable for every home owner. To make that reality we designed our patented solar thermal panels solely so we can:

☑ make them inexpensively; $200 for 4000 BTU economy panel
☑ make them quickly; we fabricate a zonbak panel in under 60 seconds
☑ make them lightweight; at 22 lbs our panels can be shipped worldwide

New Construction: Zonbak Architect Series
Designed using the Zonbak patented panel these solar thermal panels can be installed during new construction in under thirty minutes. Once installed, they provide free heat for the life of your house. All aluminum construction, glass glazing, and intellligent thermal control are all standard features. Turn a south facing wall of your new home into a source of free heat for the life of your property.
architect series
Existing Home: Zonbak Economy Series
Zonbak's Economy Series takes advantage our patented design to deliver exceptional solar thermal performance at an exceptionally low price. With our automatically tensioned teflon film glazing and thermoformed housing, our economy series is ideal where free heat outweighs visual curb appeal. They can be installed over existing siding.
panels economy
Solar Thermal Farm: Zonbak Economy Series
Zonbak's Economy Series can be mounted on a stand and "planted" in a back yard or other location with a south facing view. Turn idle land into a a source of energy to heat your home. With the installation of a heat exchanger, you can also economically provide for all your hot water needs on a year round basis.
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