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Residential Applications 

Zonbak solar thermal panels are ideal for residential applications. Save on your utility bills for less than a $2,000 investment.

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Commercial Applications 

Own a building with a large empty roof? Dramatically reduce you utility bills by using that idle asset to heat your building.

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Heat Plant Applications 

Turn square footage on the ground to heat or cool your building. Collect sunshine and turn it into hot water.

About solar thermal power

Solar thermal power is the most cost effective solar power solution.  Zonbak solar thermal panels at 85% efficiency deliver 5X more solar energy per square foot than your typical photovoltaic panel. Our multi-patented design breaks new barriers in watts of energy produced versus dollars you spend.

Heating and hot water consume on average 46% of all utility bills.   Instead of spending between $15,000 to $40,000 per installation, a Zonbak system can greatly reduce your energy (heating) bills for under $2,000.


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